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Memorabilia / what’s in the RSL

Southport RSL Memorial Club

Memorial Club Cenotaph

Memorial wall. Situated inside the Memorial Club on the right hand side of the Sub Branch office

Roll Of Honour 

Southport RSL Sub Branch Office

Southport RSL Sub Branch has been fortunate over the years to have been gifted historic military items, and personal mementos from different wars and  conflicts. Peacetime items from home and overseas service kindly donated by veterans or their families. These items are of historic and educational  importance to our RSL. We have five cabinets of memorabilia in the ground level of our building, and a large cabinet in the B2 car park entry containing  Mannequins in various military uniforms.

 If you have military items you would like to donate to our Sub Branch, please call us on 55524214 and make an appointment to arrange for your donation  to come to its new home.